A New Location. A Century-Old Commitment.

Sewell is excited to now represent BMW in North Texas. We look forward to delivering the exceptional customer service on which we've built our name for more than a century.

If you have the commitment, we have the opportunity

Why work for Sewell BMW of Grapevine?

There is a unique spirit among Sewell associates that is no accident. It comes from hiring extraordinary, committed people looking for long-term opportunities and empowering those people with ongoing personal development and exceptional benefits. At Sewell BMW of Grapevine, you will find not only an outstanding facility and work environment, but also a welcoming team who inspires you to be your best.

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BMW and Sewell: Partners in pushing limits

When the Ultimate Driving Machine partners with the ultimate vehicle ownership experience, it is a win for everyone. Especially for you. BMW has long captured the thrill of driving through an obsession with unrivaled engineering and performance. Sewell is proud to bring that experience to North Texas through customer service that is every bit as obsessive.


Sewell Automotive Companies Coming Soon
Built to be one of the premier BMW dealerships in the country, Sewell BMW of Grapevine features a two-story, 35-vehicle showroom with all our latest models. Our second-floor premium showroom will showcase the M Performance line and custom vehicles. Our BMW i Showroom will display BMW's state-of-the-art hybrid vehicles, complete with charging stations. The new Sewell BMW of Grapevine is the perfect stage for legendary engineering and obsessive Sewell service.

Did You Know?

  • Sewell BMW of Grapevine is constructed with 1,456 tons of reinforced steel and 143 tons of post-tension steel cable. This is enough steel to build 2,200 BMW vehicles.

  • The facility is built with 22,000 cubic yards of concrete. This is enough concrete to build a sidewalk 5 feet wide and 4 inches thick for 12,689 miles…or five times the distance from Los Angeles to New York.

  • More than 200,000 cinder blocks are used in the facility. If stacked one on top of another, these blocks would stand 133,000 feet…or four times taller than Mount Everest.


There is a reason Sewell customers come back again and again. It is because we treat everyone like a lifelong customer the moment they walk in the door. Simply put, we put the relationship before the sale. It is an attitude we have had since our founding here in Texas over a century ago. Let us earn your lifelong business today.


The all-new BMW X3 is set to write the next chapter in this success story with an even more striking, dynamic design language, powerful yet also efficient drive systems and luxurious appointments.

Perfect Sense

It makes sense that every X3, X4, X5 and X6 is built within the largest BMW plant in the world. But does it make sense that that plant is located in Spartanburg, South Carolina?

So Alive

Driving is a feeling and it’s one we never want to let go of. Feel alive in the Ultimate Driving Machine.

BMW Owner Benefits

BMW Roadside Assistance

Taking Into Account Your Every Need

Our reputation rides on every vehicle. That is why we have given roadside assistance a whole new dimension. We are there for you in all 50 states, Canada, and Puerto Rico – with no mileage restrictions. And if you need help beyond on-site assistance, we will arrange alternate transportation and hotel accommodations. No matter what the issue, minor delays or major interruptions, you can depend on BMW.

BMW iDrive

Nothing Typical About BMW?s iDrive

One word will change the way you approach driving: iDrive. BMW’s integrated, intuitive feature platform delivers the ultimate in convenience, safety, and individual pleasure. Make calls, locate rest stops, and choose music via one controller at gear shift level, and do so while watching the road. No dials or switches to distract your driving. iDrive brings the world to your unique lifestyle.

BMW ConnectedDrive*

Driving Has Never Been So High-Tech

BMW’s ConnectedDrive is so in tune with your lifestyle needs, you are basically along for the ride. Anything you want can be requested, retrieved, and sent straight to your BMW, and your eyes never leave the road. Search the internet, stream music, access concierge service, ask for directions, plan a trip, or check vehicle diagnostics. Everything you need to control every facet of your life.

*Optional Feature

BMW Assist

More Safety With Enhanced Mobility

BMW’s Assist takes the strain out of driving. Be aware of snarled traffic ahead. Receive turn-by-turn directions for an alternate route. Stay up to date with vehicle diagnostics. Unlock your vehicle remotely. And any driving difficulty such as airbag deployment automatically alerts BMW of your exact location. BMW Assist is evolving the way you drive for your convenience and peace of mind.

BMW Ultimate Benefits

Think About Your BMW In A New Way

For those who want to escape a routine of sameness, BMW Ultimate Benefits is your passport to places where extravagance is standard. BMW and its worldwide partners have assembled a litany of special access, life-enhancing opportunities: storybook vacations, prestigious sporting events, haute cuisine restaurants, exclusive shopping. It’s time to follow your heart to a world of privilege.

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