Leasing Vehicles

Peace of Mind

Leasing has several aspects that you may find advantageous – lower payments than traditional financing, for one. That can mean getting more vehicle for the same money as a traditional car payment. With our many, ever-changing lease specials, it sometimes is even possible to initiate a lease for a newer vehicle at a lower payment than you have been making. Customers who like to have a new car every three or four years often enjoy leasing. Maintenance costs are never a worry; lease vehicles are always under warranty, and the lease is usually over before any significant maintenance is needed.

Lease Specials

Company Cars

Like New

There are company vehicles, and there are Sewell company vehicles. Well-equipped and impeccably maintained by our service department, these are the vehicles driven for a few thousand miles (and babied all the way) by Sewell associates and then sold or leased at advantageous prices. And there is another advantage beyond price: Because they have not been titled, our company vehicles are sold as new. The factory warranty will still apply when you buy or lease a Sewell company car.

Loan Cars

Smart Buy

We do not believe in lending a customer a second-rate vehicle when theirs is in for service. Our loan cars are nicely equipped, nicely cared for by our service department, and driven for only about 5,000 miles before being sold or leased. A Sewell loan car can be a great value and a smart buy – less expensive than a brand-new car, yet sold as new because it has never been titled. The remainder of the factory warranty still applies as well.

Certified Vehicles

Outstanding Value

Outstanding value goes hand in hand with exceptional peace of mind when you choose a Certified Pre-Owned vehicle from Sewell. A vehicle that has earned its manufacturer's Certified Pre-Owned distinction is something special. It meets strict age and mileage requirements, and it has passed dozens, even hundreds, of inspection points. The process is so rigorous, a Certified Pre-Owned vehicle may actually carry a longer warranty than a new vehicle. Each manufacturer's Certified Pre-Owned program is unique. Your Sewell dealership can provide the particulars.

Shop Certified

Value Select

More than a Pre-Owned

Buying a pre-owned vehicle, especially one with a little extra age or a little extra mileage, can bring quite a few unknowns. Sewell's Value Select program helps the budget-conscious buyer enjoy a lot more knowledge and a lot more peace of mind. As the "Value" part of the name suggests, Value Select vehicles are attractively priced. And "Select"? That means the vehicle has passed a full safety inspection. For non-safety related items, we provide recommendations of imperfections that may be fixed if you wish, and even provide prices for repairs so you can make an informed decision. You as the customer get to choose how much or how little reconditioning you want performed. As a final measure of protection, Value Select vehicles are backed by a 30-day 50/50 Sewell warranty.

Custom Vehicles

Tailored Modifications

We are pleased to match the legendary service of Sewell with the customized power of Hennessey Performance. Now automotive enthusiasts can enjoy not only the exceptional personal attention of Sewell but also tailored modifications from Hennessey, known worldwide for elevating cars to an elite level of turbocharged, ultra-performance vehicles. We are pleased to make your Sewell ownership experience truly unique with this special access to the power of Hennessey Performance, whose passion for speed and racing is equaled only by our obsession with service.

Sewell Performance

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