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Cutting-Edge Design Meets Leading-Edge Service

When Lexus redefined the luxury car a generation ago, Sewell, the brand that defines service, became one of the world's first Lexus dealers. We have been a leader of that elite community ever since. Today, Lexus automobiles, and the service that comes with them, are more exciting than ever. Discover distinctive luxury today by visiting one of our Sewell Lexus dealerships serving the Greater DFW areas: Sewell Lexus of Dallas and Sewell Lexus of Fort Worth.

Sewell Customer Benefits

As a Sewell customer, enjoy numerous benefits in addition to the best vehicle sales and service experience around. Learn what it means to be a "Customer for Life" at Sewell Lexus today.

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Lexus Owner Benefits

Owning a Lexus has many benefits, including sophistication, luxury and dependability. Other benefits to being a Lexus owner include complimentary parking at some of DFW’s most popular destinations.

Discover Benefits

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    Awards & Accolades

    Sewell Lexus is proud of its commitment to customer satisfaction. Its high standards and caring, professional manner often earn safety, sales, and customer service awards. Find out how Sewell Lexus has been recognized for its dedication to excellence.

    Lexus Awards

    Events & Sponsorships

    Serving Our Communities

    "Obsessed with service" includes serving our communities. For as long as Sewell has been in the car business, we also have been in the business of giving back to the communities we call home. Each year, Sewell Lexus supports hundreds of community events and organizations in the Dallas-Fort Worth area, partnering primarily with organizations in the arts, children's charities, and education.

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    L/Certified by Lexus

    Why Choose L/Certified

    L/Certified by Lexus is a collection of hand-selected pre-owned vehicles that let you enjoy all the luxury and benefits of a new Lexus. Experience this excellent ownership experience paired with outstanding customer service at one of our two Sewell Lexus locations today.

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    Lexus Performance Line: "Alchemy Performance"

    Only Lexus can turn steel, titanium and carbon fiber into uncompromising performance. And only Lexus can assemble a collection of cars like the Lexus LC 500, Lexus GS, Lexus IS and Lexus RC.

    Lexus LC 500- Custom Fit

    Whether it’s a leading role or a one-of-a-kind design, craftsmen Blair Underwood and Antonio Ciongoli understand the importance of nailing the details.


    Lexus Roadside Assistance

    Feel More Secure When You Drive

    Sooner or later it happens to all of us: a flat tire, lost keys, a dead battery, emergency fuel, or something else. At Lexus we don’t want any untimely event to hinder you from your destination. By using GPS technology, our Enhanced Roadside Assistance will send the help you need to your exact location. No hassles, no unnecessary waiting. Wherever you are, Infiniti is there with you 24/7.

    Lexus Enform

    Enform: Perfect For Your Busy Life

    With your busy lifestyle, let Enform keep a watchful eye on the pulse of your vehicle, alert you to service updates and safety issues, or start your engine and climate controls before you get to the parking lot. Need help finding that special restaurant? Enform’s 24-hour live response center is ready. Enform does the technological heavy lifting; you enjoy the drive and your favorite apps.

    Lexus Drivers Rewards

    Where Work and Traffic Melt Away

    Lexus Drivers Rewards reflect our appreciation of valued customers like you. So enjoy the uncompromising quality of theater, symphonies, fine dining, and more. World class entertainment and leisure living is readily available for the cultural connoisseur, and no luxury detail is overlooked. With Lexus Drivers Rewards, a night on the town or a weekend getaway will be a memory forever.

    Lexus Drivers Events

    Time to Please Your Inner Epicurean

    Pebble Beach, Aspen, Sausalito. Three of the premier wine and culinary events in the country. Lexus Drivers Events is your passport to soaking in the spirit of these festive annual celebrations. Watch world-renown chefs create their signature dishes. Savor the bouquet of your new favorite wine from a wealth of choices. The venues are always full and Lexus owners always receive VIP treatment.

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