Two Legends

Two Automotive Legends, Together At Last.

Sewell, with legendary service since 1911, presents Maserati, legendary automobiles since 1914. If there were ever a match made in automotive heaven, this is it. A Maserati automobile makes your heart beat faster just looking at it, while Sewell service puts the rest of your being at delightful ease.

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    Maserati Centennial


    Maserati is celebrating its 100 Year Anniversary with a pair of special edition GranTurismos. The MC Centennial Editions are unique from any other by their paint scheme, distinct wheels, revamped interior and special badging throughout. The colors of the city of Bologna where the company was founded a century ago inspired the Magma red and Inchiostro blue exteriors. The MC Centennial Editions are available in either coupe or convertible form and will be available in July.



    Sports car culture owes much to Maserati. Since its founding by brothers Alfieri, Ernesto, and Ettore Maserati in the city of Bologna in 1914, this storied Italian automotive firm has been achieving glory on the track and distinction on the road. Part of the Ferrari group since 1997, Maserati today blends race-proven performance and Italian brio into cars that excite the senses at every level.


    An Emblem of Strength and Vigor

    As the three Maserati brothers prepared to introduce their first car in 1914, they commissioned a fourth brother, Mario, an artist, to design a logo for the fledgling company. He took as his inspiration the trident from a statue of Neptune in a prominent square of the brothers' hometown, Bologna. Long a symbol of strength and vigor, the trident soon became synonymous with victory on the racing circuits and with head-turning sports car design.


    Performance Inside as Well as Out

    The thrilling growl of a Maserati engine may be the car's signature sound, but the car's interior can have its own aural allure. Maserati has partnered with Bowers & Wilkins, perhaps best known for the mastering loudspeakers at Abbey Road Studios, to create a signature audio system for the Maserati Quattroporte.