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The most personalized car meets the most personable service.

A car that makes you feel like the happiest driver on Earth is not normal. Combine the MINI driving experience with the Sewell Automotive Company's over 100 years of service excellence and you will find that a dealership that makes you feel like the most important customer on Earth is not normal either. Perfect match.

Sewell Customer Benefits

As a Sewell customer, enjoy numerous benefits in addition to the best vehicle sales and service experience around. Learn what it means to be a "Customer for Life" at MINI of Plano today.

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MINI Owner Clubs near Plano, TX

MINI Owner Clubs

In a way, just driving a MINI puts you in a special club. MINI, you see, is not just a car, it is a community. Drive a MINI and you will feel a special camaraderie with other owners. And if you would like to formalize the relationship (if "formal" is ever a word in the world of MINI), join a MINI Owner Club. These groups of fun-loving motorists organize rallies, picnics, charity benefits, and all sorts of other events. In Texas, there are clubs from the Gulf Coast to the Metroplex to El Paso.

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    Awards & Accolades

    MINI is proud of its commitment to customer satisfaction. Its high standards and caring, professional manner often earn safety, sales, and customer service awards. Find out how MINI has been recognized for its dedication to excellence.

    MINI Awards

    The New MINI

    MINI is Defying Labels

    After 50 years of motoring, MINI has set out to reinvent itself. Building on their strong British heritage and high quality craftsmanship, MINI is defying labels like never before.

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    Boot To Bonnet No-Cost Maintenance at MINI of Plano

    Boot To Bonnet No-Cost Maintenance

    "No" can be such a lovely word … when the word that comes next is "cost". No-cost maintenance is standard with every MINI, covering all factory-recommended maintenance for three years or 36,000 miles, whichever comes first. What does it cover? A lot, actually.
    • Engine Oil Services
    • Inspection Services
    • Brake Pads and Rotors
    • Brake Fluid Service
    • Wiper Blade Inserts
    • Engine Drive Belt
    • Engine Air Filter
    • Cabin Air Microfilter


    You-ification, aka Designing Your Own MINI

    "There are 10 million ways to design a MINI. Yes, 10 million. That means you can start having a ton of fun with your car before you ever even see it in person. Make your MINI a perfect match for your style and tastes.

    Start Building Yours At MINI of Plano

    Events & Sponsorships

    Serving Our Communities

    "Obsessed with service" includes serving our communities. For as long as Sewell has been in the car business, we also have been in the business of giving back to the communities we call home. Each year, Sewell supports hundreds of community events and organizations in the Dallas-Fort Worth area, partnering primarily with organizations in the arts, children's charities, and education.

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    MINI - Up to Something Big

    The perfect MINI for everyday use. Discover more about the roominess, functionality and innovative features available in the MINI Clubman, such as the Head-Up Display, Park Assistant and touchscreen.

    Mini Owner Benefits

    Responsiveness You Can Count On

    It is practically a law of physics that road challenges occur at the most inopportune moments. MINI understands there is nothing more important that the quickest, highest quality response for roadside assistance. Need gas in a hurry? The spare tire is flat, too? Your battery needs a boost? Whatever the circumstance, wherever you need to go, MINI is there so you can drive away with confidence.

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